Video Walls, Multi-Monitors, Controllers and Workstations are the foundation of Multi-Screen’s expertise.

Multi-Screen is dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of leading edge Video Wall and Multiple Monitor visual and controller solutions, including full solutions, kits and components with best practices & features.

Multi-Screen Video Wall Controller 9X Media Video Wall Mounts

We partner with government, military, education, retail and corporate clients to develop a solution that fits their unique requirements. We also partner with resellers and major distributors to provide them with the right solution for their clients.

Multi-Screen Video Wall Products include:

Displays on a network, enables users to send video from a host of devices to available display screens. 9X Media‘s product line includes compatible multi-monitor, video wall and video wall controller solutions. Multi-Screen Video Wall Services and Packages are as diverse as their applications. Let us design, install and maintain your solution or let us help you with remote installation Skype support when you purchase a Multi-Screen Video Wall Multiple Monitor solution. This easy Multi-Screen Kit option provides you with everything you’ll need. Or – just get the components you need, customized for you! Options include:

  • Full Control Room Multi-Screen Design & Installation
  • Video Wall Kit & Skype / phone installation support
  • Components – just what you need to upgrade or start!

video-wall-portable-controller-multi-screen-displayWhether you need a full NOC, JOC, Control Room, Digital Signage, Corporate messaging or AV digital productivity – even daily multi-tasking – Multi-Screen Display solutions are flexible and customizeable. Contact us today to see how we can help you!!

Video wall, controller, multi-monitor – MULTI-SCREEN solutions include unique MULTI-SCREEN made, machined and manufactured parts and partnerships enabled by 9X Media, Matrox, Samsung, NEC, LG and more! MULTI-SCREEN specializes in bundles, installations and kits. With proven solutions and industry leading video wall partners we enable powerful solutions and real honest choices.

Multi-Screen Video Walls are commercial grade high resolution wide-angle HD displays designed to run 24/7. Multi-Screen Video Walls boast superior ROI thanks to a patent-pending open infrastructure which maximizes airflow dissipating the heat build up which most commonly reduces LED and LCD display array longevity.

Multi-Screen video wall control room

Multi-Screen Video Wall Products include:

Whether you need a full NOC, JOC, Control Room, Digital Signage, Corporate messaging or AV digital productivity – even daily multi-tasking – Multi-Screen Display solutions are flexible and customizeable. Contact us today to see how we can help you!!

Video Wall Stand Mounting Multi Screen freestanding

MULTI-SCREEN FEATURES 9X MEDIA AS A PARTNER Hardware, Software and Peripheral Control, Integration and Automation Via 9X Media’s World-leading AV video wall solutions including: Video Walls, Servers, Software, Workstations and Controllers with demonstrable Results!
video wall controller case study multi screen multiple monitors

video wall case study

Featuring 9X 360-SX SmartSolution™: X-Wall Video Wall Displays, Smart Multi-Screen Workstations, 1-Touch Controllers and Servers featuring Customized Integration, Programming, GUI, Training & Support. 9X SmartSolutions are designed, manufactured, assembled and supported by 9X Media CA, USA. 9X Media’s Video Wall NOC Command & Control Solutions include X-Wall Video Walls, Multi-Screen Workstations, RS232 Intuitiveness, Video Wall Software, Controllers and 1-Touch Hand- Digital AV Custom Programmed Automation and Control Enabling Intense Digital Environments – including: Command and Control Rooms, Facilities, AV Vehicles, Response, DHS, NOCs, Fusion Centers, Digital Signage and Entertainment – to name a few!

CASE STUDY IN POINT 360-SX SMARTROOM – CONCEPT COMPLETION: 9X Media provided a complete remodel with design, manufacture and installation of a robust, fully integrated NOC / JOC (Joint Operations Center) command & control solution for the largest U.S. National Guard enabling collaboration and real-time information sharing for essential daily monitoring and emergencies leveraging 9X’s leading-edge video walls, multi-screens, workstations & controllers.
“We are very pleased and happy with the completion of the JOC re-model. It looks amazing and the functionality of the video wall and workstations are perfect. The controller is concise and intuitive. It just takes minutes to train a shift.”Ty Shepard, MAJ, IN, Deputy J33
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VIDEO WALL: X-Wall Video Wall AV Display Solutions, Software & Controllers
9XMedia Video Wall Image 9X Video Walls: 9X Media ‘s uniquely flexible patent-pending X-Wall™ Multi-Screen™ video wall and video wall controllers are the world’s first 100% modular multi-display installation systems. Our full line of LCD, LED, OLED, video projectors and other flat panel display screens ensure that we are able to design create and enable the exact configuration and high-resolution Video Wall to meet any system requirement and any integrated large-scale AV solution.

SERVER: 9X HD6400 Video Wall Control Server The HD6400 system is capable of receiving many different types of media inputs and displaying them onto any display device such as LCD monitors or projectors. Using our video wall control software that’s found only on 9X Media video wall controllers this Windows based control software makes the system easy to use and highly versatile. Users are able to place and control video content anywhere on the video wall in real-time!With the use of our remote access feature users are able to access and control the video wall using any locally networked PC. Each video wall display created by 9X Media is custom-built to fit the demanding needs of each installation. 9XMedia Video Wall Image

9XMedia Video Wall Image 9XMEDIA SOFTWARE: 9X Intuitive Choreographer Video Wall Software Features Easy InterfaceUsers interactively move and size application windows, while the interface can be displayed on a network connected PC as well as on the display wall itself or on an extra control screen connected to the 9X Video Wall controller. Designate up to 256 shortcuts for various X-Wall Video Wall scenarios to call up in seconds!

WORKSTATIONS: 9X Smart-Station Multi-Screen Workstations with Intuitive Smart Dashboard complete with optional Secure SIPER/NIPER KVM Switch
The 9X Multi-Screen Workstation Dashboard enables users to control all PC / multi-media functions & security from a central point.9XMedia Video Wall Image 9XMedia Video Wall Image

  • On/Off / Reset PC button
  • USB connections
  • FireWire connections
  • Secure KVM switches
  • Audio & Speaker controls
  • DVD / Blue Ray drives
  • Laptop-Ready VGA Adapters & AC
  • KVM switching options & Laptop readiness enable secure access to various levels of privacy-sensitive content on-the-fly.
9XMedia Video Wall Image 9XMedia Video Wall Image
9X Multi-Screen Smart Stations: designed & made in the USA of aircraft-grade 6061 Aluminum to spec by 9X Media integrating state of the art technology are the most flexible, stylish and sturdy workstation desks available. From single user options to collaborative multi-person desks and elevating tables we design and build each system for each customer’s requirements.
9XMedia Video Wall Image9X Media Diagram for NOC / JOC installation of multi-screen workstations & video wall 

CONTROL: 9X Media’s 1-Touch™ AV Media Control & Automation Handheld
AMX, Crestron and iPad compatible, the 9X 1-Touch hand-held AV Digital Controller is easy automation and control at your fingertips. The 9X 1-Touch hand-held AV Digital Controller, is a Custom Programmed & Designed Automation Tool easily scheduling and manageing Video Walls, Media, Sources, Switching & a host of peripherals and facility conditions – all at your fingertips. 9XMedia Video Wall Image

9XMedia Video Wall Image 9X Media’s 1-Touch controllers are customized with intuitive interface so that anyone can control and automate their ever complex environments ranging from secure network operations scenarios to intense home automation.Control and Automate: Workstations, Audio, Video, Satellite feeds, DVD, Blu Ray, Audio, Lights, Curtains – you name it! All from one easy iPad compatible custom programmed handheld.

RESULTS!: A look at before and after 9X Media’s SMART-Solution 360-SX™
CA Nat’l Guard BEFORE 9X Media9XMedia Video Wall Image CA Nat’l Guard AFTER 9X Media9XMedia Video Wall Image
Overall line-of-site, usability, ergonomics and functionality dramatically improved for increased ROI.
9XMedia Video Wall Image 9XMedia Video Wall Image
Visual continuity across the X-Wall Video Wall provides a robust, flexible, collaborative information platform.
“We contracted 9X Media to remodel the California National Guard’s Joint Operations Center (JOC). They installed all new workstations and a large video wall. The end product is state of the art, looks aesthetically amazing and has greatly increased our operational efficiency. The JOC is manned 24/7 thus the workstations and video wall are in constant use. I have and recommended 9X Media to a number of other state NOCs, JOCs, emergency management agencies and even the governor’s office for similar installations and will continue to recommend. If you are looking for cutting edge technology, along with great customer support go with 9X Media.”

Easily collaborate, communicate and disseminate valuable information and technologies within a room, a facility or across multiple global locations in real time.
9XMedia Video Wall Image

9X Media is a small emerging woman-owned business headquartered in San Jose California specializing in leading-edge video wall and multi-screen technology, software, integration and hardware solutions designed, assembled, manufactured here in the USA of the finest components, using industry-leading best practices and quality control. 9X Media is an emerging small business & sole-source manufacturer.9X MEDIA: Expand Your Vision


ABOUT Multi-Screen

Multi-Screen or Multi-monitor, also called multi-display and multi-head, is the use of multiple physical display devices, such as monitors, televisions, and projectors, in order to increase the area available for computer programs running on a single computer system. The use of two such displays is called dual display, dual screen or dual monitor.

New research out from Google, working with market analysts Ipsos and Sterling Brands, puts some hard numbers behind the often-noticed trend of how people in the U.S. are using a combination of phones, tablets, computer and TVs to consume digital content.

While each of these has a significant place in our consumption today, their real power lies in how they are used together — in combination, 90% of all of our media consumption, or 4.4 hours per day, is happening across all four (which doesn’t leave much room for paper-based books and publications; or for radio). This not only has implications for how content is designed, but also for how companies like Google will continue to hedge their bets across all four screens.

ABOUT Video Walls

A video wall consists of multiple computer monitors, video projectors, or television sets tiled together contiguously or overlapped in order to form one large screen. Typical display technologies include LCD panels, LED arrays, DLP tiles, and rear projection screens.

Screens specifically designed for use in video walls usually have narrow bezels in order to minimize mullion – the gap between active display areas – and are built with long-term serviceability in mind. Such screens often contain the hardware necessary to stack similar screens together, along with connections to daisy chain power, video, and command signals between screens. A command signal may, for example, power all screens in the video wall on or off, or calibrate the brightness of a single screen after bulb replacement.

Reasons for using a video wall instead of a single large screen can include the ability to customize tile layouts, greater screen area per unit cost, and greater pixel density per unit cost, due to the economics of manufacturing single screens which are unusual in shape, size, or resolution.

Video walls are sometimes found in control rooms, stadiums, and other large public venues, such as Oakland International Airport’s baggage claim,where patrons are expected to observe the display at long distances. Video walls can also benefit smaller venues when patrons may view the screens both up close and at a distance, respectively necessitating both high pixel density and large size. For example, the 100-inch video wall located in the main lobby of the Lafayette Library and Learning Center has enough size for the distant passerby to view photos while also providing the nearby observer enough resolution to read about upcoming events.

Simple video walls can be driven from multi-monitor video cards, however more complex arrangements may require specialized video processors, specifically designed to manage and drive large video walls. There is also new software-centric video wall technology that uses ordinary PCs, displays and networking equipment.

Multi-Screen utilizes a variety of video wall professional-grade manufacturers including Samsung.


Flat-panel systems also now benefit from significant built-in maintenance systems, and burn-in problems with flat-panels have subsided significantly. For example, Panasonic’s flat-display system has a lifespan of 100 hours, which translates into an 11.5-year lifespan if used in a 24/7 environment and 40 years if used a typical eight hours a day. Samsung also has been focusing on the product lifespan, and on the feature set and form factor. The company currently offers one of the narrowest front bezels (11 mm), which allows for a clean look when used in LCD video walls.

Also, earlier this year, Samsung introduced its patented, video-wall interlocking technology, which allows for seamless and streamlined video-wall installation and setup. The overall benefit of this new interlocking system is the general reduction of labor for installers and the allowance for a matching front-bezel area. At the moment, Samsung is leading the way with LCD displays in many categories, including high-brightness, large-format LCDs and outdoor- ready enclosures, while Panasonic is pioneering flat-panel plasma displays, according to Landy. Both technologies come with tradeoffs, meaning customers must decide which capabilities are most important to them.

Most video walls are used in “command and control” and traffic-control applications now, with some walls applied in utility and security settings, Landy said. For example, Electrosonic is currently working on a cube and flat-panel video-wall project for antiterrorism task force protection for the U.S.government. Retail applications of video walls currently represent a much smaller segment of the video-wall market.

Video walls “in the wild” In 2007, Trollbäck & Company developed a high-resolution video wall for InterActiveCorp,or IAC, which was installed in the lobby of the company’s New York City headquarters.It incorporated thematic, visual modules reflecting the consumer experience with IAC’s online businesses, including Match.com, Evite.com and Citysearch.com. The modules employed striking graphics to create “clocks,” marking the passage of time. In one module, graphic bars animate across Samsung demonstrates one of the company’s many video-wall applications.